intraLogix is a software engineering services business focused on delivering innovative software with appropriate uses of technology. With a reputation for being able to solve difficult problems at reasonable prices, we are known for our leading expertise in specialized areas like C#, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, WCF, Web Services Integrations and Interfaces, ETL, EDI and data exchanges, QuickBooks Integration, Adobe PDF, WordPress and Microsoft SQL Server database technology. Our goal is to strike the perfect blend of tools to solve the problem and achieve the highest return on investment both financially and for the end user.


Developing a software solution is an incredibly important task that requires a firm foundation upon which to build your business. Many companies possess the internal resources to develop solutions but need a concrete plan to begin or simply a second opinion. As a general contractor usually hires a well-trained architect to draw up blueprints for a house, IT departments can enlist an intraLogix Solutions Consultant to explore extensible technologies and architectures to construct their solution. We can provide ideas, diagrams and object models all the way to providing subcontract developer and project management services to complete your solution. The future of a business can depend on the IT workflows used by employees. We can help you explore the strongest technologies and processes for your next project.

Remote Support and Teams

For the last ten years our team has focused on being as present in your office without actually needing to be there physically. Using tools like Skype, HipChat, GoToMeeting and Agile planning tools like Rally, AgileZen and Trello we integrate tightly with your team remotely.  Our goal is to be communicating daily with your product owners and possibly even in-house scrum master unless you need us to fulfill that function.  We believe in the Agile methods like scrum and kanban to orchestrate a team properly.